Wine Chiller

KEEP YOUR WINE CHILLED WITH EASE – In addition to the chilling rod that will keep your wine cool, the wine chiller’s automatic gravity lid that opens when you pour, you can enjoy your favorite wines by mainly allowing the chilling rod to keep the wine cold and aerate your wine thus releasing the bouquet aromas and oxidizing the wine. The best in class wine chiller allows you to pour your wine with drip free pours.
HOST GATHERINGS IN STYLE – The Bar Brat Wine Chiller will please your guests with its sleek look, but it comes in an elegant packaged box that makes for the perfect gift.
CHILL WINE FROM THE INSIDE – The Bar Brat Wine Chiller Stick refreshes a red wine that is too “hot” and keep you roses and whites cold in hot weather. Do you like the rose or white wine very cold? Once the bottle is out of the refrigerator, pour a little wine into a glass and insert the rod and it will remain cold much longer. No need for the bulky dripping wine bucket or the ugly wine sleeve anymore.
100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfied with your purchase at anytime, Bar Brat will refund you the entire amount you paid. No questions asked.
MOST COMPLETE PREMIUM WINE CHILLER: 4-in-1! – In addition to the Cooler, on your table you get a Wine Pourer with gravity lid that opens when you pour (it avoids the last drop on the tablecloth) with Stopper (it keeps your wine clean) and a Wine Aerator (it enhances the taste) * All in One! Get yours here today:


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