xylitol natural sweetener

Today I bring you Xylitol 100% pure natural sweetener. This sweetener has low calories, low glycemic, low carbohydrates and is from real birch. It replaces sugar in equal measurements. This sweetener has 40% fewer calories than sugar and 75% fewer carbohydrates!! It also supports dental health and even improves it by fighting plaque. There is NO aftertaste, unlike most sugar substitutes!! This natural sweetener is safe for diabetics and low glycemic index. It is Kosher certified and is free of GMO, corn, wheat, gluten, soy and dairy and on top of all that goodness, its also allergen free!! Morning Pep is so proud to bring this 100% sugar free natural sweetener to all of us who need or want something different than regular sugar or sugar like products that just doesnt cut it. Xylitol has been a very convenient sugar substitute for many years now, since it looks and taste like real sugar! It is ideal for coffee, tea, cereal, baking, or any other use you would have for sugar! This 100% birch Xylitol is proudly produced in the United States, unlike most xylitols which are now being produced in various Asian countries. It is made of quality hardwood birch trees, and is absolutely pesticides free!! Above all, it is great tasting and safe for diabetics.51rq2B3asqL._SL1024_


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