Coosh 4.2A 4 Port Multi-USB Family Charger

This multi- USB family charger is just awesome!! I love how now I can charge more than one thing at a time!! I will start out by telling you all about the specs. Input: AC 100-240V, output: USB 4 5V/4.2A (MAX), USB1 5V/2.1A, USB2 5V/1.3A, USB3 5V/1A, USB4 5V/1A. Dimensions are 72*55*26mm, and the weight of this product is 98.5g. Ok, now that that is out of the way, I can now tell you what I love about this product…. which is EVERYTHING!! I cant tell you how many chargers I have throughout my house!! I have at least 2 chargers in everyroom! One for my phone, one for my husbands phone, one for our tablet, and other misc. items that need to be charged. We are always fighting over who and what gets charged when. Well…. Not anymore!!! I just love this product and has made charging our items easier!! I would tell anyone to buy this product and it is well worth the money put into it!!


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