Coosh CBT791B Ultra-Slick Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

This bluetooth speaker is amazing!! It has awesome sound and can get pretty loud, which if your like me is a really good thing! This product is made by Coosh and is their ultra slick 4.0 speaker. It has a built in mic with noise cancellation and with a 5-6 hour playback! Made with 6W speakers. Has a 3.5 Aux input, though when I received my product, the Aux input was broken and my husband had to actually take apart the speaker to resolder it to get the Aux input to work. I had tried to get in touch with the Coosh company to let them know about it. I tried emailing them twice over a months time and still have not heard back from them. So on the positive side: its got amazing sound and actually gets loud enough for you to play at a backyard party or whatever floats your boat. Negative side: Aux input is poorly soldered together and completely breaks out. So unless you know how to solder, this is one of those products that you gotta weigh the pros and cons before buying. If you wish to buy one click the following link to get yours ordered today:


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