Organic Seeds Sprouter

These seed sprouters are pretty cool, I must admit. Natural green seeds are high quality USDA certified organic non-GMO seeds. Sprouts are an excellent source of highly absorbable vitamins including A,B,C,E, and K. High quality balanced proteins, fibers, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, as well as trace minerals carotene, amino acids, enzymes, anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids. Natural green seeds are easy to grow. With simple to follow Sprouting instructions printed on the box itself and more importantly VERMI TM’s guarantee of superior quality that will result in a high percentage of germination. Now I won’t lie, I did not get any to sprout. But I was not following the directions. I kept forgetting about watering them 3 times a day and usually only did it once a day. So because of me not being to give you my first hand experience with this item, I still want everyone to know what they do if you were to actually get them to sprout. The beautifully designed gift box that it comes in, includes 30 grams of seeds. So give yourself or those you love a humble yet powerful present, a symbol of health and growth today!!



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